A new Change Management Toolkit has launched providing information and support to help you manage change and link key university resources on change in one place.

Our 2015 Staff Engagement survey highlighted the need for more information and clarity for staff on how change takes place and is managed at the university.  In response the University Wide Engagement Project worked on a number of areas, providing an update at our Staff Roadshow in November 2016.

Since then the Engagement Project group has worked with faculties and directorates across the university to develop a Change Management Toolkit which provides a sound framework, based on good practice, to support effective change management.

The toolkit:

  • Aims to help you understand the range of emotional responses you may experience during change – either by yourself or from others and provides suggestions on how to plan to manage these.
  • Links key university resources, such as the ILS project management documents, which support the breadth of university change projects and practices such as good practice examples for communication planning and stakeholder management.
  • Provides an integrated source of support for staff who lead or take part in change processes so they can access these easily to help them plan for and support change.

To get started with the Change Management Toolkit we recommend reading this article: Introduction to the Change Management Toolkit.

The toolkit is a key resource and Learning and Talent Development welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements to it. If you have comments, questions or want further information please contact Laleh Williams.