RETI is a crucial part of our preparations for REF2021, alongside continuing to develop our staff & student research communities. Javier is looking forward to seeing both grow.

It gave me great pleasure to formally launch our new Research & Enterprise Training Institute (RETI) last week.

Continuing to develop our community of research students and staff continues to be a core strategic priority for the university, as outlined in our latest Strategic Plan for 2017-22. We have set ourselves ambitious goals for research excellence at Greenwich going into REF2021 and beyond. 

Our ambitions for RETI sit at the heart of this. We want Greenwich to be recognised as a desirable and supportive research environment, one where researchers can develop and fulfil their potential, particularly through support early in their careers.

RETI will be embedded within Greenwich Research and Enterprise (GRE), headed by Professor Peter Griffiths, and work closely with our faculties, research institutes, and HR, to support researchers and their career advancement. 

Research is best conducted in a supportive, nurturing environment where ideas and experiences can be shared, where networks can grow, and where skills can be developed. Excellent researchers grow out of excellent research communities, and Greenwich is and will continue to be just such a community.

 Professor Peter Giffiths 

I am particularly pleased to welcome Professor Aradhana Mehra, who will take on the leadership of RETI. Professor Mehra joins us from the University of Derby, where she is Head of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. 

She will be ably assisted by a team of six dedicated staff who will continue to support the development of the University's research degrees, provide development opportunities for early career researchers, and support for doctoral students and their supervisors.

 Professor Aradhana Mehra

A full portfolio of RETI's available training programmes is already scheduled for the rest of the 2017-18 academic year, and you can find out more details on their webpages. Sessions include 'Working towards a doctorate', 'preparing to be an examiner for research degrees', and 'Managing your research budgets', and many more. 

RETI will also be organising a full programme of conferences, networking opportunities, and seminars to foster collaboration amongst academic peers. New research 'hubs' across all three of our campuses will be opening in 2018.

I am looking forward to seeing RETI grow, and in turn to see our research environment at Greenwich go from strength to strength over the coming years as we prepare for REF2021. 

Our findings from the GREAT2016 and GREAT2017 exercises show we have already made considerable strides forward compared to the last REF cycle, but there is still a great deal of work to be done in ensuring that our submission is the best it can be. RETI is a crucial part of that effort.

I encourage all colleagues and students involved in research at Greenwich to familiarise yourselves with the work of RETI and to get in contact with the team to find out more about how they can support you.

Javier Bonet - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise)


Javier Bonet - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise)