Find out how our libraries can support your study, and how we've improved the facilities available

We know the libraries – especially Stockwell Street – get busy at peak times, and that's why we've improved the facilities we provide:

  • At Stockwell Street we've increased the number of study spaces by 120 and introduced around 100 additional iMacs, PCs and laptops.  We've made it easier to use laptops and mobile devices too by providing desktop power where you need it, and there's an additional plotter on the first floor, which complements the existing plotter in building 11.
  • At the Drill Hall it's now easier to return books using the self-service book return and that means we can re-shelve the books more quickly too. We've also introduced an automated laptop lending service in the Pilkington Building

We've also extended the number of e-books available, so it's easier to make use of learning resources when you're away from campus.

Remember that all the libraries have bookable group study rooms which you can book for group work and to practice your presentations. But remember that the library opening hours vary at different times of the year, so do check so you know what they are.