The new sports pitches are also officially opening on 29 March, read – in their own words - how three Students’ Union Vice President Student Activities were involved in this project.

We're proud of our new sports facilities at Avery Hill and as we look forward to their official opening alongside Varsity 2017, we caught up with three Vice President Student Activities to hear of their involvement in delivering the two new 3G pitches.

Tony Whitehead (pictured right) the Vice President Student Activities in 2013-14 and 2015-16 introduces the story:

"When we were first elected as a team we agreed that one of my priorities would be to get a 3G pitch on campus. 

"We were keen to have a hockey pitch too, but as the 3G surface served more of our teams at the time we opted for that as our preference.


"After meeting with the Sports Department and Facilities Management, I put together a proposal so the university could take things forward." 


Harry Hodges (pictured left) took over as Vice President Student Activities in 2014-15 and he picks up the story: 

"I worked with the university to develop a Sports Strategy that incorporated improved sports facilities and building the two Astro Turfs that it recommended.

"Later as President in 2015-16 I was fortunate enough to be in a position to support the Sports Strategy in its progress through the university's decision making processes, and having the funding agreed at University Court early in my tenure."

Tony who returned as Vice President Student Activities the same year said he got to do "all the fun stuff providing input on the specifications, such as what the changing rooms would like look, what lines would be on the pitches to accommodate as many teams as we could."

A sports hub at Avery Hill

As we know things have progressed and Varsity 2017, where Team Greenwich take on Team Medway, is taking place at Avery Hill on Wednesday 29 March. They'll make full use of the £1.7mn multi-purpose, all weather pitches, and more, for this Festival of Sport. Team Medway earned victory last year, but who will win this year?

Louis Hale, the current Vice President Student Activities (pictured right) looks to the future for sport at Greenwich and said:

"The pitches are the result of five years work between the Student Union and the university.  It's quite something to bring our sports teams home and to give them a home ground.

"It means teams can play at home and train at home. It'll help recruit players, with team morale and with training sessions. And spectators too - we hope more people will come along and support us too.

"Every night there's a different sports team training, so why not come along and give it a go."