These tips aim to help you become an independent learner and make your time at university more enjoyable - if you need more information please ask.

This information is also in our booklet for new students, we're repeating it here as a reminder.  If you need further information talk to your personal tutor or to someone in your Student Centre or to the Students' Union - it's important you have the information you need, and it's much easier to ask early on.

First Week activities  - take part in these, they'll help you get to know people on your programme.

Personal tutor meetings  - make sure you attend all of these and have your tutor's contact details.  Your personal tutor will be key to your success at university, providing academic and personal support and guidance.

Make sure you know how many courses you need to take and what the assignments are.

Find out how to hand in course work, and hand it in one time - university deadlines are final.  Pay attention to the feedback you receive as it'll help you improve.

Keep referring to your handbooks and information on the portal, including the Academic Skills hub - they have important advice.

Take notes in classes, and reflect afterwards on what was said.

Actively participate in seminars, tutorials and workshops, as they will enhance your understanding and help you get to know other students.

Find out the bibliographical referencing system you need to use.  Get to know it now, you'll be glad you did later.

Use reading lists and add to them. Find a recommended book and look at other books shelved close to it as they may also be relevant to your programme.

Check your university emails regularly so you don't miss important information - and check Student News on the home page of the portal too, as you'll find out about life around our university there.

Find out more about our support services and look out for workshops, including study skills workshops - and remember to ask for help if you need it.

Get involved in campus life - regularly check the Students' Union website for upcoming social activities. If you're based at Medway campus, regularly check the GK Unions website for things on.