Getting to Great: Our staff behaviours guide


These are the qualities and ways of working we admire in each other and enhance our overall effectiveness as they're "how" we work together and are linked to our values.

Our values are our essential shared beliefs and principles that define who we are, and inspire and motivate us to achieve our vision, these are:


We have delved deeper beyond these values, to understand more about the individual and collective behaviours that shape how we work together, day-to-day. To do this we involved professional services and academic staff from across the university to help us define these essential behaviours.

These are the qualities and ways of working that we admire in each other. Whilst different to the professional skills and knowledge we each bring to our roles, they enhance our overall effectiveness. It's about 'how' we work together.

There are three behaviours that focus on how we work with each other:

  • Building Relationships
  • Communicating Clearly
  • Working Collaboratively

There are two additional behaviours that focus on how we approach our roles:

  • Planning Ahead
  • Finding New and Better Ways of Working

These shared behaviours apply wherever you work in the university, at whatever level, and we can all use them to guide us when carrying out our work. Working together we'll create a culture that truly supports our shared ambition.

Download a copy of "Getting to great – our staff behaviours guide", for more information.