Our values


Inclusivity, Excellence, Determination, Ambition and Creativity

Our values are our essential shared beliefs and principles that define who we are, and inspire and motivate us in achieving our Strategic Plan.  Our behaviours are the qualities and ways of working we admire in each other and enhance our overall effectiveness as they're "how" we work together.

We are inclusive

  • We are open-minded and open-hearted, embracing new people, ideas and ways of working to create a better world.
  • As one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world, this is an inclusive community where everyone is welcome and feels nurtured.
  • London is a city that requires you to be open-minded in every way and as a university we reflect the changing needs of our wider society.
  • We like to challenge the way people think and introduce new ideas and concepts that will inform their world-view.
  • Many of our students and staff strive to make a difference in their communities and pursue knowledge and learning because they want to improve the lives of others. This generosity of spirit is alive and well at our university.

We strive for excellence

  • We set ourselves high standards in everything we do and never accept second best.
  • We focus on doing the right things and doing them right.
  • To be truly excellent requires discipline and rigour and a willingness to accept constructive criticism.
  • Excellence is a habit that we practice diligently.

We have the determination to succeed

  • This is a university that operates in the real world where life is challenging.
  • We encourage tenacity and resilience so that we can overcome adversity.
  • Our most successful alumni are people who have real motivation to achieve their dreams and to transform the lives of others.
  • A fierce determination to learn, improve and succeed has helped transform the lives of countless people worldwide.

We are relentlessly ambitious

  • We are relentlessly ambitious for every student that comes to the university.
  • We develop confidence and self-belief so that our alumni are able to realise their full potential.
  • For centuries Greenwich has been a focal point for ambitious ideas that have resulted in dramatic global progress. We continue to push for personal and collective advancement in the same way.

We use our creativity

  • This is a world that needs creativity more than ever.
  • Finding innovative solutions to challenging, contemporary problems requires new ways of thinking and working.
  • We develop, admire and celebrate those people who have the ability to think differently and then apply these innovative, creative ideas into the real-world.

At Greenwich we capture the energy and spirit of London, one of the world's greatest cities, and channel this to create a great student experience.