Find out how you can save energy and win prizes for you, and a delivery of Ben & Jerry's for your hall.

Student Switch Off encourages everyone to do their bit for the environment

A great place to start is with simple energy saving and recycling actions. All residents of halls are can take part in this competition and the halls that saves the most energy, recycles the best and gets the most involved in the campaign will win a delivery of Ben & Jerry's to say thank you. 

There are also prizes given away every couple of weeks which you can win by entering competitions on the Facebook page University of Greenwich Student Switch Off Facebook page

How to save energy

There are lots of really easy things you can do today to save energy - switch off lights and appliances when not in use, put a lid on pans when cooking (this saves time too!), layer up instead of turning the heating up and don't overfill the kettle. Don't forget to recycle well too, check out the recycling bins for details of what can and can't be recycled.

How to get involved

  1. Like the University of Greenwich Student Switch Off Facebook page.
  2. Sign up to our mailing list and look out for further information about the challenges on the portal.
  3. Hold the date for the ambassador training sessions, find out more and register on Eventbrite.
  4. Take the quiz to improve your sustainability knowledge and enter the prize draw for ice cream here - enter by 22 November.
  5. Save energy and recycle of course!! Check out the top tips on the website.