All of the results from our games last week and our fixtures at Avery Hill for the week ahead - come along and cheer our teams on!

This week's fixtures: 

Badminton - David Fussey Sports Hall

Weds 18 Oct16.15Mens 1s vs Arts 1s

Basketball - David Fussey Sports Hall

Weds 18 Oct16.15Mens 1s v City 1st
Sun 22 Oct17.00Womens v LSE 1st

Football - Sparrows Farm pitches

Weds 18 Oct14.00Mens 4s vs St George 3rd (LUSL)
Sat 21 Oct14.00SUUG 1st (LUSL) vs UCL 6th (LUSL

Hockey - Avery Hill Hockey pitch

Weds 18 Oct14.00Mens 1s v LSE 1st
Weds 18 Oct16.00Womens 1s vs Royal Vetinary 2nd
Sun 22 Oct14.00Mixed 1s vs LSE 1st (LUSL)

Netball - David Fussey Sports Hall 

Weds 18 Oct14.00 1s vs Canterbury CC 2nd

Rugby - Rectory Field, SE3 8SR 

Weds 18 Oct14.00 Mens vs Essex 2nd

Our results from last week:


Mens vs LSBU49 - 65


Mens 1s vs Imperial College 4s (Medics)1 - 0
Mens 3s vs UCL Mens 4s 1 - 3


Womens vs Kent Uni 2s3 - 4
Mens vs Queen Mary 1 - 10


1s v Queen Marys 3s16 - 29
2s v SOAS 1s7 - 46
3s v Canterbury Christchurch11 - 17
4s v SOAS 2s4 - 31


Mens vs Queen Marys 3s20 - 10