And a reminder of what you can do to promote the NSS with your eligible students

The National Student Survey is an important mechanism for the university tocollect feedback from our final year students. We use the feedback it gives us to improve the service we provide to our students and so it's key that our students take part.

In early December the Student Union Student Council voted not to join the NUS boycott of the NSS as they felt by engaging with the NSS, students at Greenwich have benefited from improved facilities and the opportunity to engage at all levels across the university.

This week Vivian Van Lent, VP Education has published "Why we're not boycotting NSS" on the SUUG site and talks about the "strong and respected partnership" with the university.

We also think this partnership is something to be proud of and we are continuing to work together in many areas, the joint promotion of the NSS is just one example.  We are planning roadshows on each campus and will provide dates for those soon.

For more information, about what you can do to promote the NSS with your eligible students please see the links below and the NSS portlet on the home page of the Staff Portal.

If you have any questions about the NSS please contact the Director of Student Experience (DSE) in your faculty.