Meet Rehyma, Childhood and Youth Studies Graduate


Rehyma is a University of Greenwich BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies graduate, who decided to come to University to take the first steps to discovering her dream career.

Rehyma is a University of Greenwich BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies graduate, who initially decided to come to the University of Greenwich to take the first steps to discovering her dream career.

Unsure of what area she wanted to focus on, Rehyma decided to study the BA Childhood and Youth Studies programme as a way of exploring her options and deciding which direction she wished to pursue. Rehyma described the programme as enabling her to explore the different avenues available to her and open her mind to new career options.

"I always knew that I wanted to go into teaching one day, but I didn't know what age range would be suitable for me. But once I'd been on the course, I knew I wanted to focus on early childhood."

The diverse and varied teaching methods enable students to reflect and evaluate their options. Many disciplines are explored from sociology, psychology and history and the theories surrounding them to explore childhood. Those who wish to study the programme, have a wide range of careers available to them upon graduation, from teaching, to community work to psychology and much more.

"I've always wanted to work with children and make a difference in their lives so I knew the course was well suited to me"

Largely the teaching team endeavour to teach in classroom settings in order to allow students to discuss activities, contribute to group work and be able to communicate with their lecturer in a less intimidating space. The main aim being that students can engage, contribute and build a relationship with their course leaders. The programme includes a range of creative assessments from creating artefacts, making videos, presenting and portfolios.

As a friendly and bubbly individual, Rehyma reflects on the importance of the relationships that are built in lectures and seminars and how these relationships can really compliment the learning experience.

"The other students in the course were from all different backgrounds, ages and abilities. It was really nice to share stories and learn about their experiences as well as sharing my own."

Not only do students have access to expert knowledge and insights from the faculty's staff and course content but staff also endeavour to enrich students' experience by taking part in university wide competitions, getting student's involved in volunteering work with the local community and  offering students opportunities to get involved in the programmes' mentoring scheme.

"The lecturers are super supportive and want you to do well. They are always available to help and their doors are always open. "

Looking to the future, Rehyma is now looking forward to extending her education and completing her Early Years Teacher Status Professional PGCE . Rehyma is passionate about becoming a dedicated teacher and understands the importance of a child's early education. The programme has allowed her to explore what type of teacher she wants to be one day.

"When you see that progress in a child. It makes you feel like you've done the right thing and gone into the right profession … I can't wait to have my own class one day!"

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