The lecturers make Greenwich special


A chemistry student is making the most of our accessible 'extended' entry route to take on an integrated master's degree.

It's hard to miss Alina Khan's infectious enthusiasm about chemistry, a science bedded in exploration and experimentation.

"It's the ultimate study of the universe", she says - "ideal for inquisitive minds like my own".

Alina entered the BSc Chemistry through a foundation year, which is provided as part of our extended programme.

These programmes have lower entry requirements and allow students with less traditional academic backgrounds to spend a year adapting to university-level study before embarking on their degree.

This gave Alina extra time to adjust and get to know the people she would be working with before embarking on the BSc programme.

"My experience was entirely positive," she says. "It was the perfect opportunity to get to know the lecturers and other classmates who were also proceeding from a foundation year to the chemistry degree.

"I became familiar with the university campus, the environment, and new teaching styles. I picked up the vital knowledge I needed to succeed."

Springboard to advanced programme

The foundation year has proven to be a valuable springboard. After completing the second year of her BSc Chemistry degree, Alina's academic performance has earnt her a further opportunity.

Students who average a 2:1 or higher during their first and second years can transfer to an integrated master's degree (MChem). This concludes with a master's year which focuses on a project to develop research skills.

Alina has leapt at the chance of the advanced programme and hopes the master's year will help her towards her goal of discovering new medicines.

"I chose to study Chemistry as I like to experiment," she says. "We can make countless new discoveries.

"I am particularly passionate about drug development as research in this field could effectively cure diseases such as cancer.

"After I graduate, I intend to work in a pharmaceutical company, such as Pfizer or GSK, in drug development."

The long road to success

Though many finish their studies after three years, Alina is looking forward to spending two more years in a department that ranks 100% for overall student satisfaction in the National Student Survey.

As someone highly involved in the Islamic Society and enjoying life in halls at Medway Campus, she's in no rush for it all to be over.

"Greenwich was my first choice because the chemistry courses are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry and because the university ranked first in the NSS for chemistry. As a student here, I completely understand why that is," she says.

"The lecturers definitely make Greenwich special. Their genuine concern for their students and their friendly outlook makes our academic experience that little bit extra special!"

Chemistry degrees

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