Approved Software


Information about the software available to staff and how to request new software

How is software bought and installed?

The university has a Desktop and Licensing team within ILS. The team manage requests for approved software on behalf of faculties and directorates, arrange licensing and deploy software remotely - this is known as the Application Management Process (AMP).

What are the benefits of this process?

AMP has a number of advantages to the university and to staff. The process helps us to obtain a more complete picture of software and support requirements. It can also provide savings, helping faculties and directorates to avoid duplication and unnecessary expenditure - for example, in some cases it can be more cost-effective to obtain a site license than to have a smaller number of licenses purchased by several departments working independently.

In terms of staff time, having software deployed remotely allows you to start using it more quickly (because you do not need to wait to have software installed directly on your PC) and frees up IT support staff time for other support work. Remote deployment also means that if software is needed in a different area, the team can ensure that it is made available to a specific PC or group of PCs as the licenses permit.

What software can I use, and how can I find out what else is already available?

There are institution-wide licences for a number of 'core' software applications installed on your PC which you can find through your start menu. You can find out what else is available, plus check whether any other software that you need is already available within the University, by looking at  

Can I install software myself?

You can install quickly and easily install approved software which the university has licensed by using Software Center.

How do I request software?

In order to make a software installation request, please complete the AMP form. Once you have completed the form, it will automatically be submitted to the IT Service Desk, and you will also receive a copy. Before making your request, please refer to our AMP web page.

What do I do if I don't need the software anymore?

Approved software can be removed from your machine using the Software Center.