Case Studies


Sharing good practice on the awarding gap at Greenwich and other universities.

Case studies at Greenwich

International Business and Economics: Case Study Competition Winners

In 2018 we held a case study competition to highlight and share the good practice by our colleagues at Greenwich. Gabriella Cagliesi and Mahkameh Ghanei from International Business & Economics (IBE) have submitted the winning case study. A presentation on the case study can be viewed here:

HR and Organisational Behaviour

The Department of HR and Organisational Behaviour has taken significant steps to reduce the BAME attainment gap over the years. To find out how, Kenisha Linton,  senior lecturers and one of the Champions shares some of the excellent practice at her department. Kenisha gave an in-depth presentation at one of our Community of Practice events where she shared her perspective and experiences on how the department has been able to reduce the gap, as well as which next steps the department is going to take to further tackle the attainment gap:

Case studies at Kingston University

Our partners Kingston University have used the ICF with a number of groups of students across a wide range of subjects including:

  • Redesigning the Geography curriculum with a more international focus to enable students to see themselves and their backgrounds reflected in the curriculum.
  • Adapting practical procedures in Physiotherapy Education in order to increase cultural sensitivity.
  • Incorporating resources from a wider range of countries to enable students to better identify their background as part of teaching Capitalism.
  • Exploring the impact of faith and spiritualty within the context of Social Work for both those entering the profession and those receiving the service.
  • Co-creation of the curriculum for Fine Art and Art History with students engaging more critically with knowledge and its production.
  • Use of Auto-ethnographic profiling.

The Kingston University website has the latest examples of good practice information concerning the ICF along with a number of videos to help staff develop their inclusive curriculum, including a Case Studies video.

Case Study at Hertfordshire University

Business-related attainment gap

As part of the Office for Students funded collaborative project "Using a value-added metric and an inclusive curriculum framework to address the black and minority ethnic attainment gap" a series of webinars was helded for staff at our partner institutions to enable discussions within subject disciplines. The first of these was hosted by the University of Hertfordshire and focused on Business-related degree programmes.

The aim of the webinar was to discuss Business-related degree attainment gaps across partner institutions to enable the sharing of good practice and to discuss common challenges.

The structure of the webinar included a very short introduction from the host institution to enable the sharing of a couple of examples of good practice and a brief overview of some of the activities within the Business School. Hertfordshire then asked for colleagues from Business Schools at partner institutions to share their examples within the webinar.