A further update on assessments and exams - updated 30/3


This update provides information for students who are keyworkers, self-isolating, have concerns over childcare following school closure, have limited access to IT equipment and those who have returned home overseas.

While we encourage you to make every effort to engage with planned assessments in the normal/published timeframes, we appreciate some students will find this difficult so we have temporarily relaxed the extenuating circumstances (EC) regulations:

  • If you are self-isolating because you believe you have COVID-19 or because a member of your family or household is self-isolating due to COVID-19, submit an EC claim using an NHS self-isolation note: as evidence.  If you cannot do so, use a screenshot of this webpage as evidence.
  • If you have concerns over childcare because of school closure – submit an EC claim using a screenshot of this webpage as evidence.
  • If you are a keyworker – submit an EC claim with evidence of, or from, your employer.
  • If you have returned home overseas - submit an EC claim using an authorised absence form or travel documents as evidence.
  • If you have no access to suitable IT – submit an EC claim at the earliest opportunity, using a screenshot of this webpage as evidence.
  • If you experience IT failure at point of submission of your assessment/exam, please submit the work via the EC submission link for that piece of work and submit an EC claim, using a screenshot of this webpage as evidence.
  • If you have a long-term condition and have a Greenwich Inclusion Plan (GIP), you can submit that as evidence for an EC claim; this will be treated in confidence.  

All other situations require evidence in the usual way.

An accepted EC claim will allow you an extra 10 working days to submit coursework with the full mark for the work being awarded if you are seeking an extension because of your circumstances.

You should also use the EC procedure if you are unable to engage in the assessment task or submit your work. When you are making the claim, select "10 extra working days with impaired performance". If accepted, this will  enable you to be offered a resit opportunity in the summer without the grade being capped.

Using the established University Technical Extenuation process we will carefully be considering the grades of students to ensure you are not disadvantaged by this disruption. This includes analysing and benchmarking grades against previous students and if there are significant differences, we will make appropriate adjustments.We hope this helps to reassure you that the impact of the virus on your academic studies will be minimised as far as possible.