Be Covid-Safe


We all need to act safely and responsibly during these unusual times. We're proud of our university community and how we look out for each other, and we know that by working together and looking out for each other to help keep us all safe.

You will be aware of the changes we're making to our campus to help keep everyone safe, but it's really important that everyone acts safely and responsibly, and follows university guidance.  We will regularly share reminders, and we are keeping our guidance under review, taking into account changes announced by government.

You can find current advice from government on their website:

Face coverings*

Please wear a face covering in our buildings and on university buses

In line with our Covid-Safe Charter, you may face disciplinary action from the university if you do not wear face coverings when required to do so. This may put your place on your course at risk.

Face coverings are required except where you are the only person in the room or when you are working at a workstation which is at least 2m away from other workstations. 

You will also need to wear a while queueing for university buses where social distancing is not possible. The university will provide staff and students with two washable face coverings each.  These will be distributed by our faculty and welcome teams. 

Not sure where to wear a face covering?

  • Always wear a face covering when in a classroom, lecture theatre or lab setting.
  • Always wear a face covering when moving around inside buildings, this includes corridors, communal spaces and when entering and exiting rooms.
  • Always wear a face covering while queuing for university buses where social distancing isn't possible.
  • You can remove your face covering when working at a workstation which is 2 metres away from other workstations, or if you are the only person in the room.
  • You can remove your face covering if you are working behind a service point with a screen that is protecting you and you are at least 2 metres away from other people working behind the service point.
  • When teaching, or presenting to a group you can remove your face covering if you are using a transparent face visor instead.

Please ensure your face covering covers both your mouth and your nose - thank you.

* We know that some people in our university community may be exempt from wearing a face covering. If you are exempt we expect you to download and wear the government's face covering exemption badge. If you can't download the badge, you can pick one up from any Student Centre.

Other Covid-Safe measures you should follow

  1. Please wash your hands regularly
  2. Please use sanitising points upon entry into the buildings
  3. Please maintain at least 2m social distancing
  4. In line with Government guidance, please do not form groups of more than 6 people outside of teaching spaces. Staff may ask you to separate from each other if they see this happening on our campuses.

  5. Please follow the one way systems in corridors and entry points

Further information

The articles below all provide more information on how you can help us keep everyone Covid-Safe, as well as further details on the university's Covid-Safe Arrangements.

Throughout Term 1 we'll be adding to this information and will be posting updates here and on Student News and Internal News.  You can expect reminders, a competition, celebrating our heroes who are helping to keep us safe.  We'll let you know how you can get involved, so watch this space.

But in the meantime, Be Covid-Safe.