Be Covid-Safe (updated 03/10)


The Universal testing programme has ended and room layouts and occupancy numbers have reverted to pre-COVID arrangements. Here we share a summary of key changes.

In June 2022, the Government updated its “living with COVID” plan to acknowledge the removal of all remaining legal restrictions.

As an employer and educational establishment, we understand that COVID and other infectious illnesses are still a cause for concern for some. As a result, we will continue to apply sensible and proportionate infection prevention measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses, including influenza, and to reduce the risk to our community.

Our infection control guidance outlines the prevention and control measures being put in place to ensure that activities by employees, students and other persons on our campuses can be carried out safely under current government guidance for living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID19.

Infection Control Guidance

Below is a summary of key points:

  • If you develop symptoms or test positive - we are continuing to ask staff, students and contractors to inform us (via the online reporting forms) if they test positive for Covid-19 or develop the symptoms of a respiratory infection / infectious illness. Those who are positive or symptomatic are expected to stay at home in line with government guidance.
  • We will continue to promote sensible behaviour - i.e. getting vaccinated, keeping your distance from others, practicing good hygiene and not attending campus if you have symptoms.
  • Cleaning and ventilation continue to play an important role. As does the expectation that all staff / students will make use of the wipes and sanitising sprays/stations provided.

What has changed

  • Wearing of face coverings is currently a personal choice. However, the University will move to strongly encouraging them within our indoor settings should case numbers rise again, or a risk assessment identifies a need;
  • Room layouts and occupancy numbers have reverted to pre-COVID arrangements;
  • Individuals are responsible for opening windows – Where mechanical air handling systems are not present, the University is encouraging people to open windows and doors (where safe and practical). In some buildings occupants will not be able to do this safely, without assistance from Campus Security. In these cases, please contact security by telephone in the first instance
  • The Universal testing programme has ended – Staff and students who are not entitled to free lateral flow tests under the Government programme, can purchase individual testing kits from the Student Union outlets on each of our campuses. These will be available to purchase at cost price.

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Please send any questions about our infection control arrangements to the Health & Safety Unit (

More information

The articles below provide more information on how you can help keep everyone Covid-Safe, as well as further details on the university's Covid-Safe Arrangements.

Keep everyone safe by staying Covid-Safe.