January Exams – key information and tips


Due to the COVID19 crisis January 2021 examinations will take place online and in a time-constrained manner through Moodle, although some examinations may be conducted as a coursework-style 'seen' paper.

Exam timetables

You can find out your personal exam timetable in the same way as you do for your teaching timetable - by clicking on the 'Timetable' quick link at the top of the portal page, select 'My Timetable' and the weeks commencing 11 January and 18 January 2021. You can also access your personal exam timetable via the student mobile app.

If you are having difficulty, you will also find your Faculty Examination Timetable on the student portal under 'My Learning', or via the links below.


Education, Health & Human Sciences

Engineering & Science & Pharmacy

Liberal Arts & Sciences

It is advised that you check your exam timetable regularly in the event there are any unavoidable changes. Please carefully check the week commencing 18 January for submission dates of any Take Home exams.

Please contact your Faculty Exams Office if you have any queries regarding your timetable.

Preparing for your exams

Many of you will be taking exams under unusual conditions, with examinations now tailored to digital technology and exam papers to do online or over a longer period of time than normal.

The Academic Support Team have put together some advice for Online Exam Support to help you perform at your best no matter what form your examinations might take.

You can also find links to useful exam resources on the Practical help for the exam period page.

Managing stress

We know that exam time can be quite stressful for everyone and, now more than ever, it is important to manage your well-being and look after your mental health.

The GSU StressBusters site is a great place to find activities to help you tackle stress and improve your wellbeing while you learn from home, especially during exam and deadline seasons. You will find online Zumba and HIIT classes, and Mindfulness and Wellbeing workshops running throughout January.

You can also try some of our Tips for managing exam stress to help you prepare in the lead up to your exams – there are some simple tips for revision and relaxation techniques to give your mind a break.

Find more information about preparing for and sitting your exams on the Exams page and on the FAQs.