Have you tried our university mobile app recently? We want to know what you think


Since relaunching the app in the autumn we're continuing to add functionality and listening to what you want it to be. Find out more from Vice President Education, Alessio Papa, and take part in an online exercise to help us make it even better.

Help us organise the mobile app

We've added lots of features and content, but it's not necessarily organised in a way that makes things obvious or easy to find - that's where we need your help.  Help us by completing this online card sorting exercise, which includes everything that's in the app now, and some things we might add in the future.  

The exercise is really straightforward, just drag the cards into groups that make sense to you and give each group a name.  We expect it to take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete - get started with the exercise now.

Give us feedback, on the new and improved app

We know you might have used the app in the past and deleted it from your devices because of the issues you encountered, but it's way better now - take a look and see for yourself.

We're keen to hear your feedback, and ratings, in the Apple App Store and in Google Play  - and you'll be helping other students , and finding information you need for your studies too.