An introduction to our internal channels and how we use them


What our main (digital) communications channels are, how we use them and a look at our Internal Communications Strategy, which covers employee and student communications.

Our Internal Communications Strategy 2017-2020 provides a comprehensive look at the university's proposed internal communication strategy for the next 3 years. It is a working plan for the Internal Communications (IC) function and sets out its role and remit within the university.

It outlines how the IC function will support the university's senior leaders and delivery of our Strategic Plan 2017-22 through planned messaging using our vision, values and behaviours. It covers employee and student communications so we can make effective use of common strategic goals and tools (for example such as a tactical communications plan) and/or channels. While there is significant overlap, each community has specific needs which are covered separately.

It also sets out how the IC function will provide support, advice and share communication best practice with leaders and managers, and with faculties and directorates. It aims to ensure the communications basics are in place across the university and are used effectively to embed our improved approach to communications.

Our internal channels

The strategy looks in detail at our suite of internal channels, the interventions we intend to make and the type of information we expect them to be used for.

A summary of our main internal (digital) channels is shown below:

Channel Audience Details
Internal News Staff
  • This channel hosts a mix of evergreen content, operational information and student experience information, as well as information relating to university strategic projects, key initiatives and/or our university community.
  • Articles are published on our website so this channel is not appropriate for confidential information.
  • Articles can also be published on the Student News channel.
  • Content can include images, embedded social media posts or video and hyperlinks to documents and are typically between 200-500 words.
  • Each article has its own url so can be shared on social media.
  • Articles published here (and in Student News) are included in the weekly Internal News Bulletin sent to All Staff and posted onto Yammer.
  • To submit content or discuss ideas for content please contact Internal Communications.
Student News Students
  • This channel operates in a similar way to the Internal News channel above, however we do not currently have a student newsletter.
  • To submit content or discuss ideas for content please contact Internal Communications.
Announcements Students and staff
  • This channel is for transient, often time sensitive information that impacts on people relating to university business and/or community e.g. Student Centre opening or closure hours, seminar reminders, university bus timetable changes and system maintenance.  It is not for personal use.
  • Items posted on this channel are only available to view on the portal and should usually only be visible for short periods.  This content does not have a url so can't be shared.
  • Information can be targeted by campus, by faculty and by student and staff communities.
  • This channel is suitable for short amounts of text only. Hyperlinks can be included, but no images.
  • Students and staff can submit content using the Submit a new announcement link on the portal home page.
Large community email Staff
  • Emailing large communities (e.g. all staff, all students or by  campus) should be reserved for urgent, important and/or time critical information.
  • Please contact Internal Communications to discuss your communication needs.
Digital Signage Students
  • This channel is for student facing content only.
  • Please see the Digital Signage Guidelines for technical guidance and requirements.
  • Students and staff can submit content, or ideas for content, by email to Internal Communications.
Yammer Staff
  • Yammer is part of our Office 365 suite which provides an enterprise social networking service to aid collaboration.
  • Staff can use to share updates in changes to services (e.g. Student Centre or events information) across the university.
  • Internal Communications are working with ILS to embed this tool across the university.
  • Staff can use the Staff Personal Announcements group, which has replaced All Staff Announce.
Events Students and staff
  • Both student and staff events listings are available on our website and from the portal.
  • These pages pull events created in the WebHub (and from Eventbrite and Gecko as appropriate), however Internal Communications can only promote events which have their own content ID.
  • If you're creating a series of events, please speak to Internal Communications to agree a 'collection' which you'll need to add to your events.
  • CARE: please ensure you select the appropriate audience for your events, so they show on the correct listing.