Managing and storing your university data safely, responsibly and appropriately


We all have responsibility for this, and it includes ensuring data is stored in an appropriate location and with the correct level of protection.

Data may be classified as:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Personal/Confidential
  • Non-sensitive/Open

Our Data Classification policy and Information Handling procedures provide further information and includes an appendix of our Data Classification table and Information Handling procedures.

For more information see the ILS webpage which provides more information about data storage.

Where we store our data is also important

In accordance with university policy, no data should be stored on local hard drives, and your own personally-owned data shouldn't be kept on university PCs.

University data should be stored on a university network drive (for example a folder on the U: drive), or in some cases the G: drive (your personal work drive) as appropriate for the security classification of the data.

You may also store Non-sensitive / Open data on your OneDrive for Business area.

Further details about our upgrade to Windows 10 will follow. The upgrade process will overwrite local drives and ILS will not recover any data that is lost from C: or other local drives.

Therefore, if you store data locally you should take action now to prepare, please look at the ILS webpage which provides more information about data storage.