Maths and Statistics Help (MASH) available this term for all students


You don't need to be studying Maths to get help from the Maths Centre at these drop-in sessions taking place on all campuses this term.

The Maths Centre are once again offering drop-in help with mathematics and statistics this term. Our tutors can help you prepare for exams or with any other mathematics and statistics problems. 

You don't have to book for these sessions – just drop in – but you should bring your lecture notes with you.

Details of sessions for term 2 are shown below.

Greenwich campusEvery Monday - Friday, 12-2pmAcademic Skills Hub 10_3001
Stockwell Street Library
Medway campusEvery Monday - Thursday, 12-2pmGroup zone by the Lifestyle Collection, 
Drill Hall Library
Avery Hill campusEvery Tuesday - Thursday, 1-3pmPlease go to the library reception desk to be directed to the venue.

You can find more information on the Academic Skills hub and on the MASH Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.  If you have any questions you can contact us by email on