Our approved university software


How you can find software that’s already approved, installing it from the Software Center and using the Application Management Process (AMP) for other requests.

In addition to managing and storing university data safely, responsibly and appropriately as part of our preparations for the Windows 10 upgrade ILS are working with single point of contacts in each faculty/directorate to ensure the software and peripherals you currently use are tested and available with Windows 10.

You can find the approved software available to staff by searching for institution-wide licences for 'core' applications installed on your PC from the Start menu, or searching to see what other software is available within the university.  You can also list software by location or use in this tool.

You can quickly and easily install approved software using the Software Center, for more details on how to do this see this guide, and if you no longer require software you can also remove it from your PC using the Software Center.

If you have a request for software other than these you will need to follow the Application Management Process (AMP) This includes new software, plug-ins, add-ons, upgrades to software already installed, software for which license(s) have expired and applications to be developed in-house.

AMP enables ILS to evaluate the installation, operation and support requirements for the software and to identify any impact it might have on network performance and security, as well as ensuring the university meets its legal and contractual obligations for software licencing.  

ILS and faculty technical support staff are continuing to work collaboratively to ensure the software is packaged, tested and deployed across the university. With thanks in particular to the following, who through working together have enabled software to be deployed more efficiently, where possible amalgamating software licences and reduced the amount of time needed at individual workstations:

  • Business: Dan Archard and Luca Squatrito
  • FES: Doug Barry, Alasdair Anderson Pat Dighton and Roman Zipaj
  • FLAS: Jason Scates, Jason Parke, Liam Clancy, Sean Doran, Darren Wise, Jamie Reid, Ian Uhlir, Phil Hudson and Robbie Munn.
  • ILS: Neil Elliott, Alfred Bangura, Suhumar Alagirisamy, Syed Jaffri, Derrick Godefroij, Chris Gallagher, Sam Davison-Williams, Andy Wallis, Craig Shephard and Tony Bennett.

If you want to know more about our approved software or the Application Management Process (AMP) please look at the web pages linked.