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Share your ideas in the Ideas Centre Articles

The Ideas Centre - is an interactive tool where you can share your ideas about the work we do at the university and contribute ideas and opinions to inform the university's Strategic Plan for 2017-2022. We want everyone in the university to get involved sharing their ideas, and comment and vote on the ideas suggested by colleagues.

If you're wondering where to start, these questions might help:

  • What would help you most in your work?
  • How can we deliver better outcomes for the students you know?
  • What would make the biggest difference to your working day?
  • If only one thing could be done well, what do you think it should be?
  • Are there any areas you think the university should expand into?
  • Which systems and processes need improvement, and why?
  • How should the university change over the next few years?
  • What do you think the university should be doing five years from now?

But don't feel constrained to just answer these questions when submitting your ideas, we want to hear all of your ideas.

You'll be able to see all of the ideas submitted in the Ideas Centre and there will be a rolling feed of ideas on the Staff portal home page.  The ideas you suggest at the Open Spaces events will also be added into the Ideas Centre, so you'll be able to comment and vote on ideas suggested at those events too.

Both the Ideas Centre and the Open Spaces events are real opportunities to get involved and feed into the strategic plan, and we need you to get involved in these collaborative ways of working. 

The Ideas Centre will be open for your ideas, comments and votes until Friday 10 February, when it will close for a short period. During this time the cross-university Strategic Plan group will analyse the ideas and comments submitted.  Then we expect the Ideas Centre to reopen and focus on refining a subset of the original ideas.

Getting started

You'll need to register to submit your ideas, you can sign up for an account here using your university email address*. You'll also need to provide a 'display name', which will show alongside all ideas and comments you make in the system, so please use your name for this, not your university short code. Shortly after you'll receive an email, to your registered email address, with your system generated password.   

All posts should aim to stimulate constructive feedback, be focused on sharing best practice and be supportive of colleagues.

To find out more about the Ideas Centre and how to use it, please see the FAQs.  

* Only email addresses with a University of Greenwich suffix are permitted to register.