SHIFT 2019: Feedback at the heart of our practice


At this year's conference we explored ways in which we can monitor and close feedback loops or innovations in the how, where, why and who of feedback.

This year's annual conference of learning, teaching and assessment sought to promote innovations in pedagogy, student engagement and approaches to teaching, learning and assessment through the lens of feedback, whether it is the formal or informal mechanisms.   

We welcomed Dr Naomi Winstone, a cognitive psychologist specialising in learning behaviour and engagement with education, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a National Teaching Fellow who gave our keynote presentation: The psychology of assessment and feedback processes in higher education.

Dr Winstone advocated using the 'Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit' available from the HEA website.

You can see the twenty five innovative and compelling papers from staff about work to improve assessment and feedback, and tweets from the conference at #uogshift