Timetables for 2020-21 are now available


The timetables for the next academic year are now available via the portal. Please note that timetables may be subject to change and you should check them regularly, particularly in the first weeks of term.

Timetables may be subject to change, please check your timetable daily in the first 4 weeks of term and regularly thereafter.

Programme and Module timetables for the 2020/21 academic year are displayed here:  

You can access this from the 'Teaching timetable' link on the My Learning tab of the portal.

Your personal timetable on the 'My Timetable' tab and in the mobile app will be available when you have completed online registration and have been allocated to the individual group teaching activities you are required to attend.

I have no activities showing under 'My Timetable' tab, what should I do? –

Please refer to your programme timetable in the short-term until you are allocated to your personal teaching activities.

I am unable to see any activities for Welcome Week, where can I find these?

Students are not allocated a personal Welcome Week timetable, please visit the Welcome Week Portlet which is situated on the home page of the Student Portal which will direct you to your welcome week timetable.  This will be available from early September.

I have teaching clashes on my timetable, what should I do?

Please refer to your School/Faculty office.

I am viewing the timetable and no information is showing on the page?

Please check that you have selected the correct weeks or terms for your teaching (refer to the academic calendar for teaching week details).  If you are still unable to see any information please report the issue to the IT Service Desk who will refer the issue to the relevant team.

What is the string of characters at the end of the programme?

When viewing programme timetables on the portal the string at the end of the programme relates to the mode of delivery, year and start month of the programme for example, BA H 3D Digital Design and Animation/01/1/September is broken down as follows:

Title of programme - BA H 3D Digital Design and Animation

2 /01 is the mode of delivery (01 = full time, 05 = Part Time, 10 = Distance Learning, 03 = Sandwich)

3 /1 = the year of study (1 = Yr 1, 2 = Yr 2, etc)

4 /September is the month the programme commences and will be substituted with January or the appropriate start month where applicable.