University data may now be stored in OneDrive and Office 365*


The university’s policy around storing highly sensitive, confidential and personal data in university governed cloud storage has been updated.

Following additional infrastructure and system changes made by ILS to ensure university governed cloud storage is even more stable and secure, the Data Storage under Data Classification table has been updated, and university data may now be stored in OneDrive for Business and Office 365. 

Please read the updated policy and guidelines.

Data security is important to us all at Greenwich, and IT system security improvements have reduced the risk of data security breaches which some other Universities have experienced. However, data security is everyone's responsibility, see our Information Security pages for steps you can take to protect yourself, your devices and your data. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the IT Service Desk

* Please note:  This policy change is specifically for storing university data in the university governed cloud.  University data is not permitted to be stored on other Cloud storage platforms.