Are you set up to use university IT services from home?


You can make sure you’re ready for any remote working now by setting up Multi-Factor Authentication and checking that your Affiliate colleagues have the access they need.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) must be enabled on your account before you can access university IT services from an off-campus location. You only need to set it up once, and you can choose the authentication method you prefer. 

1,741 colleagues and research students have already enabled MFA. If you aren't one of them follow these instructions and set it up now.

Access for Affiliate colleagues

Affiliates do not get automatic access to all of the IT services which are available to university staff. If you or a member of your team are an Affiliate you will need to check you have all the access you need and submit a request before you can work from home.

To request access to additional services, such as Office 365 or Horizon (HR and Payroll), the Affiliate or Line Manager should email the IT Service Desk detailing why access is required. The request will be sent to the appropriate Authorised Approver for confirmation before access is granted.