Who's on our portal login page? Articles

It's been a while since we refreshed our portal login page, not since we launched the new portal in November 2016 in fact, and so, as we unveiled fourteen new outstanding alumni in the Greenwich Portraits 2017 project, it seemed the right time to make our first change. 

What's more you can expect to see more regular changes to our portal login page, but first who are Holly and Karl?

Both are Greenwich graduates. Holly Wang, who appears on the desktop login page, read for a BA Hons degree in Business Studies, graduating in 2008. Karl Ohiriwho is on the tablet version of our login page - if you resize your browser window you'll spot him - completed his BA Hons in Media Culture and Communications in 2007.

Holly Wang
Entrepreneur. Designer. Kitten-lover.
Founder, Miss Patina fashion label. 

Karl Ohiri
Fine artist. People-watcher. International citizen.

And there's plenty more - take a look at all of our Greenwich Portraits.