Welcome to the Greenwich Student Peer Mentoring Scheme


Join our community and make the most of your time at the University of Greenwich

As a new student (both undergraduate and postgraduate)

The University of Greenwich's Student Peer Mentoring Scheme is designed to help you adjust to university life. When you join as a new student, you'll be paired with current students through Vygo based on your preferences. Enjoy benefits like building a support network, boosting confidence, and receiving guidance during your transition. Stay flexible with informal meetings, and even become a mentor yourself later. Joining is easy - log in with your University of Greenwich email or download the Vygo app. Any questions? Contact the Student Engagement & Success Team at We're excited to welcome you to Greenwich!

As a current student (both undergraduate and postgraduate)

Once you have been enrolled for 6 months to a year, you can become a student mentor at the University of Greenwich, you can enjoy benefits such as generous reward vouchers, transferable employability skills, networking opportunities, training in various areas, a certificate of participation, help getting Employability Passport Points, and recognition in the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). Specific rewards may vary each year, but we aim to give you voucher rewards once you finish your training and are set up in the system. If you would like to become a Student Mentor please register your interest by completing this form. You can become a student peer mentor at any time but the busiest time of the year for mentors is September – November; this is also the time when you can accrue more experience and rewards!

As a member of staff

The University of Greenwich offers a Student Peer Mentoring Scheme to all students. We are seeking mentors to support new students registering in the new academic year. As a staff member, you can inform your students about this opportunity. Student mentors play a crucial role in assisting their mentees with general inquiries and using various systems, such as Moodle or Turnitin, which reduces their reliance on staff and saves valuable time. Additionally, mentors can report issues to staff and guide students to university services, ensuring quick resolutions and providing early support. By participating in the scheme, students have the chance to develop transferable skills like communication, leadership, and presentation skills, helping them build confidence and assertiveness, which contributes to their overall development and successful transition into graduate jobs. The scheme also offers voluntary social/networking events throughout the year, encouraging a sense of community and belonging, with the aim of increasing student engagement and retention. If you require further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Engagement & Success Team at You can also ask a mentor to come and speak to your students about the mentoring scheme by filling in this form.

Vygo Peer mentoring infographic