Apprenticeships are good for business


The technical knowledge, job experience and business skills gained by employees bring real benefits to the whole organisation.

So why invest in an apprentice?

Meet the needs specific to your business

With higher apprentices learning at work, they can develop the knowledge and occupational competencies demanded by specific job roles and meet the particular needs of your business, while studying a formal course in a relevant field.

Recruit from a larger talent pool

Higher apprenticeships enable businesses to attract and retain employees with potential, expanding workplace diversity and benefiting the local community and wider economy.

Fill your higher level skills gaps

Higher-level skills are vital to business performance and economic growth. Through a higher apprentice, you can fill your higher level skills gaps efficiently and effectively by tailoring the learning to your workplace and industry setting.

Increase your productivity

Higher apprentices can keep your business up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology, increasing your productivity for the future.

Want to know more about apprenticeships?

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