Avoid information overload and get the best out of any uni Open Day with these eight hacks.

Open days can be pretty overwhelming. They're non-stop and there's a lot to learn. So keep the pace up with our run down of hacks.

Make a schedule

There's a lot on offer at an open day, and you want to get the most of it. So make a shortlist and a schedule for the day. If you can, pre-book accommodation tours, campus tours, department talks and anything else that sparks your interest. This way, you'll see everything you need to. And anything else that you can fit in will be an added bonus. 


Have a think about any questions you might want to ask before you attend the open day. You'll feel more prepared and you'll be more likely to fire away. Remember, this day is for you. So go in with an agenda, and come out with answers.


With a checklist, you'll keep a track of the big questions that have been answered – and quickly jot down the answers. You don't even have to take a pen and paper - you can just pop down a few words in your phone. But it'll jog your memory.

Plus ones

Who are you going to take with you? Mum, dad, sister, brother, grandma, pops? It's up to you – but choose wisely. You don't want to travel round campus with a Formation-style entourage (unless Beyonce happens to be with you, of course). Choose a couple of people whom know you well and who will be close to your decision making.

Take snacks

There will always be time for a little pit-stop, but it's worth taking a few bottles of water and a couple of packets of crisps. Open days are hungry work, and the last thing you need is to feel famished in the middle of a talk. At check in, you'll receive a £5 voucher for our cafes.

Check transport / parking

You want your open day to get off to the best start possible, and this all begins with the journey. Check out the transport routes or parking options a couple of days before you travel. That way, you'll avoid any wrong turns and turn up nice and calm.

Local area

Your open day is mainly about checking out the uni vibe, teaching facilities and accommodation. But it's important to look at the surrounding area. What's nearby, what's around? You don't necessarily have to make a separate trip, but just keep your eyes peeled. You'll be grateful when you need to make a last minute dash to the shops for that all-important cow onesie.

Get involved

If there's a chance to put your hand up and take part in something – perhaps a demonstration, or a talk – take it. It's a great chance to get recognised and get on first name terms with the academics in your subject department.

Start your adventure

Getting involved starts here: Book your place on the next Open Day or campus tour.