If you're trying to write a UCAS personal statement and staring at a blank screen, or trying to cut down an overlong statement, these five tips will help you to progress.

One person locked in a battle against 4,000 characters. Here are five epic tips to help you slay your personal statement. #Winning  

Keep it relevant

4,000 characters seems like a lot to write, but you'll be surprised how quickly the white space runs out. So keep things relevant. When talking about extra-curricular activities, always bring it back to why you would be a perfect student for this course. What did you learn? What qualities does it show you have? Why does this make you a great candidate?

Keep it personal

This statement is about why you should be picked for this course. So let it focus on you. Your inspiration, your motivation, your passions. What is it about this subject that fascinates you? What is it about this course that appeals to you? What are your career goals? Don't mimic generic phrases your friends are jotting down – inject your personality into the statement (just no cheesy jokes). 

Keep it honest

This one is simple but crucial. If you ever get invited to interview and get tripped up on a fib, chances are it won't end well. 

Keep it, like, proper

Your personal statement is your first formal impression. So it's vital that it's a good one. Make sure you leave time for others to proofread your statement, so you can be confident that it's ready to go.

Keep it confident

Repeat after us: 'positive mind, positive statement'. Think of your personal statement as your time to sell yourself, rather than a panicked attempt to secure a place at uni. Remember to focus on your strengths and highlight your talents. Hey – chin up, any uni would be lucky to have you.

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