Nathalie not only studies politics, she lives and breathes it.

Nathalie Grigorenko is from Stockholm, Sweden. She studied maths and natural science in her home country but was looking for something different for her degree. She chose Politics and International Relations simply because it was the subject that interested her the most.

Representing others is important to her. In school, she was Head of Student Democracy and President of the Students' Union, and she's continued in the same vein at university. "I am currently the Secretary of the LGBT+ Society, which is something that is developing me as a person," she says. "I'm also planning to run for the Students' Union when the time is right."

Although Swedish, Nathalie has Ukrainian heritage. She was happy to discover that her fellow students came from all around the world. "The diversity surprised me. On my programme, we have a majority of international students, which is something I did not expect."

The attractive campus is one of the best aspects of Nathalie's university experience. "It's really cosy. I thought the area would be more like London in general. It's really, really nice."

She also enjoys working with her lecturers, as they help her to challenge her preconceptions and decide what's important to her. "Somebody once asked me about the meaning of life,' she says. "I said 'To do whatever you want to do.' This led to the question 'What do you want to do?' and my answer: 'To make a difference.'"