How to fit your life in a rucksack, and still have the essentials for uni.

So the big moment's nearly here: you're off to university. First, you need to pack. But what should you be taking? Well, if you're in halls on campus, the answer is "travel light".

With small rooms and limited cupboard space, there's no room for non-essentials. It's a good idea to check what's supplied so that you don't waste valuable suitcase or rucksack space.


Naturally, you'll need enough clothes to see you through all weathers. But do remember you can swap garments every time you go home between terms. Sports gear is a must, along with some pyjamas. You may also need a bag or basket to take clothes to the laundrette.


Although you'll have access to computers in the library, a decent laptop or computer should be near the top of every student's list. You should also bring an external hard drive for back up and a USB stick – and make sure that you use them! There's nothing worse than losing a carefully written essay because your computer's died on you.

An alarm clock is another good idea. Many students use their phones…but what if they run out of battery?


Medications and bathroom supplies should definitely be in your suitcase. Razors, flannels and a toothbrush are all definite must-haves. It's also worth considering that no-one has ever regretted taking a small first aid kit.  Supermarket non-branded drugs are cheaper and work just good as branded products.


Relevant documents need to come too. Your passport, bank details and student loan papers should all be in your files. A driving licence may be useful for ID purposes, but if you're thinking of taking a car, it might be wise to check the parking facilities – and the public transport options.  Remember your OysterCard, and transport won't cost you the earth either – uni buses are normally discounted by about 66% and run between campuses.

Got everything in your bag (ideally a flexible one you can store under bed)? Fantastic! You're all set. Join us here at the University of Greenwich to begin your exciting adventure.