Knowledge of the law around global trade is vital. Study our International and Commercial Law LLM to learn about the legal issues surrounding world markets.

Why study this programme?

With the growing importance of world trade, lawyers are expected to look beyond national jurisdictions and understand issues of public international law and international commercial law. Legal employers now place a high premium on graduates with international commercial law skills. This programme focuses on the law and legal framework governing the international community, as well as various legal issues surrounding international trade and global markets.

The 'What you'll study' section below has details about the core and option courses on this programme but please also note the following important information about core courses: 

  1. Where a student has the choice of Common Law Foundations or the Pro Bono Placement, overseas students who do not have any experience of a common law jurisdiction will only be permitted to take Common Law Foundations.
  2. Any former University of Greenwich student who has already taken Corporate Law or Public International Law or the 3rd year Pro Bono Placement as part of one of the University's LLB programmes will not be permitted to take the same course(s) again as part of the LLM programme.

Anyone with any query about the 'Important notes on core courses' in the paragraph immediately above should contact the School of Law at