National and international business leaders from various sectors help the Business School deliver excellent programmes to students and seek to enhance students' employment prospects.

We ensure that our students are trained in cutting-edge practice by constantly revising our programmes to reflect current business priorities and the demands of employers. This ensures our graduates have the right skills and knowledge which employers seek.

The Advisory Board executives provide advice and practical support for the Business School.

Responsibilities of the Advisory Board

To provide the School with an expert sounding board on:

  • Its strategic development, branding, and promotion
  • The broad development of its teaching portfolio and matters that impact on the student experience of learning in the School
  • Promotion of employability skills and entrepreneurship amongst our students.

The Advisory Board is very active. Members do not just state their opinions: They give practical help and support, for instance, by giving guest lectures and by identifying mentors and work experience opportunities for students.


The members are senior people invited onto the Board for their exceptional standing and their commitment to the Business School, including a number of Business School Alumni .The contribution they make is crucial to our continued success and future development.

Contact Kelly Burrell if you have a query about the advisory board.

Further information

About our members
Read about our individual Advisory Board members.