Date of release: Monday, April 25, 2016

Tier 1 image.jpgThe University of Greenwich continues to encourage international and home-grown students to explore any genuine and credible business ideas to develop their business plans. International students are supported by lecturers and given the opportunity of earning a Tier 1 visa for a maximum of two years thanks to their business plans.

This unique opportunity to inspire future entrepreneurs was recently recognised by the Financial Times. The story closely looks at the business plan of Mauritian-born student Disha Chauhan, and how her gluten-free bakery business is competing with other students from all around the world.

The Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa was introduced in April 2012. It allows graduates with innovative business ideas and entrepreneurial skills to stay in the UK to develop their business under the supervision of their academic institution.

One of Disha's competitors, Benshuai Xu (picture above), discusses his business idea and experience at the University of Greenwich:

"My business idea is a one-to-one online English language education class. The company will recruit English language teachers in the UK and provide one to one training to students via video broadcasting software and instant messaging software.

The target audience is students in China who plan to come to the UK or US for university education. This will prepare students to complete an English language exam and studying in a different country. The company will expand to different languages and countries as this service becomes more popular and successful.

The i3 centre has given me so many learning opportunities through workshops, seminars and mentoring. They have helped me to define my business structure, audience and how to market the product in a simpler and more efficient way."

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