Date of release: Monday, February 1, 2016

Business School Marketing students achieved first place in the latest national marketing competition organised by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). Zoe Baskett and Rob Noble were presented with a cash prize during a networking event with key recruiters at the luxury Goring Hotel, London.

The IDM competition required students to come up with a marketing campaign for discount website Studentbeans. Briefed with real marketing objectives, the participants had to think about all aspects of a digital marketing strategy, from budgeting to creative ideas. Such a hands-on project gave the students a taste of real marketing practice, which is very much in-demand by employers.

All of the finalists reflected positively about their experience of the competition and how it will help them with their future careers. Rob Noble, one of the winners from the University of Greenwich said "I would recommend the Direct, Interactive and Digital Marketing course to anyone as it is highly applicable to the industry and it has close links with the IDM and the integrated opportunity of entering the IDM competition".

"What I really love about it is that it brings real world experience into the classroom, and this is something that we at Greenwich are very passionate about. We really want our students to benefit from their degrees in terms of career prospects" said Matt Housden, Principal Lecturer at the University of Greenwich and member of the judge panel for the IDM competition.

Industry recognition continued for marketing and advertising students at the Business School:  the top five achievers received a bursary worth more than £800 from the Direct Marketing Foundation (DMF). Building on the success of last year, the main aim of this kind of activity is to reward the students for their hard work and to contribute to the future development of the direct marketing sector. 

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Picture: from left to right, Matt Housden (Principal Lecturer at the University of Greenwich), James Eder (Co-Founder of Studentbeans), competition winners Zoe Baskett and Rob Noble, Ian Whitten (Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich). Photo courtesy of IDM.