Date of release: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A group of 20 Business School students who had achieved more than 80/150+ points in the Greenwich Employability Passport scheme, had the opportunity to visit Morgan Stanley for an "Insight Day" recently. 

The day began with the students being taken to the 9th Floor where they were greeted by employees from Morgan Stanley's HR and graduate recruitment teams.

Steph Ahrens from Human Resources was able to assist the students with their career aspirations, offering industry employment tips in a short motivational speech. An introduction to investment banking and the company was also provided by Thomas from Talent Development. This proved to be the most participative session as students discussed and attempted to answer all the questions that he raised.

After a short break, a networking session ensued, with students encouraged to move around the room, and find out the name and one interesting fact about each other. The challenge of this exercise was to meet as many people as possible within 3 minutes. Several tips on Social Media and Networking were then provided after a review of the exercise.                    

The final session of the day involved a step-by-step guide to the company's recruitment and selection process being provided by Eleni from Recruitment. She encouraged graduates from a variety of different disciplines to apply to Morgan Stanley's recruitment programmes as their recruitment encourages a diverse student background to encourage fresh thinking and ideas. A number of pointers were then given to students regarding interview questions, CVs and psychomectric tests.

The visit proved to be an enriching and invaluable experience for the high-achieving students.

Emily Fontana, a first year International Business with Language student said, "As a first year student of International Business with Language, the exposure to the corporate environment was definitely something new. I believe that this is extremely important in the process of understanding what kind of career path students want to undertake. From my point of view, visiting Morgan Stanley's offices helped me gain an insight and a better understanding of the environment as well as the differences between investment banks' divisions. Thanks to the brilliant investment banking overview delivered by Thomas Krause, I finally understood the different roles and responsibilities that every division has. From here I can continue building my knowledge on the divions I would like to pursue a career in."

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