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Alex McGrath

Alex McGrath

BA Hons Accounting and Finance, Operational Developer at Fuel 3D

How did you discover the University of Greenwich?

I found the university through clearing, I hadn't actually seen the university before. I turned up at the door and it was grand, spectacular, open, and a buzzing university. It was great to feed off all that energy.

Tell us about your time at the university, what did you study?

I studied a BA Hons in Accounting and Finance with a focus on being a trader in the city. The course was broad enough that I could gain insight from many different industries. The university was very supportive in coaching me through career direction, making me a well-rounded individual. It was my time at university which sparked my interest to be a part of start-up business.

How did the university improve your employability skills?

The very first day you are taught to stand in front of the class, explain concepts and get involved with lots of teamwork. The university throws enough at you to encourage you to be proactive.

Where do you work now and what does it involve?

I work at Fuel 3D and it's a very exciting place to work. Currently I am in the operational side of things so developing our logistics and manufacturing partners. I'm really proud I'm in the role that I've been aiming for, for the last 3 years. I started at Fuel 3D as an Intern helping with all sorts of finance related issues. Now I'm heavily involved in a project manufacturing a 3D scanner.

What does the future hold for Alex?

My ambitions are very much focused on running my own business and I'm hoping that in the near future I can branch out and work in the software app arena. You really understand where you fit and what you're good at and the university helped a lot with defining my character.