Find out about materials available to help you with starting your own business or social enterprise.

There are a variety of resources and tools you can use to help you get the information and knowledge you need to set up and grow your business or social enterprise.

These materials are here to support you if you are unable to get to a live workshop or course, or if you would like further information on a particular topic.

We have online toolkits that can help you create and grow your enterprise:

Additionally, we have a Business Model Canvas (BMC), which you can use to help you organise your idea so that it can be ready to put into a business plan.

You can use our video library to help you fill the BMC in, which also has content on different topics around starting your own company.

We also have a co working space, which is in Cooper Powerhouse. It can be used as a meeting and workplace Monday - Friday 9.30am-4.30pm. You can find out more and register to use it here.