Our experts Centre for Business Network Analysis

Professor Bruce Cronin - Director of the Centre for Business Network Analysis
Parent-subsidiary structures in foreign direct investment, business-governmental relationships; managerial career networks.

Dr Guido Conaldi - Deputy Director, CBNA. Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Interpersonal and organisational social networks.

Associate Professor Francesca Pallotti - Deputy Director, CBNA. Associate Professor in Economic Sociology
Organizational change, routines and inter- and intra-organizational networks.

Dr Sprios Batas - MBA International Business Programme Director
Networks and social capital in firm internationalisation.

Dr Pi-Chi Chen - Lecturer in International Business
Parent-subsidiary relationships in multinational enterprises.

Dr Luis E C Rocha - Lecturer in Network Science
Health networks; Interaction networks; hard-to-reach populations; computational modelling; data analytics; complex systems. 

Associate Professor Nicky Garsten - Associate Professor in Public Relations
Public relations; NGO communications 

Dr Sara Gorgoni - Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Foreign direct investments from emerging countries; innovation networks; clusters of SMEs; global value chains.

Professor Denise Hawkes - Head of the Department of International Business and Economics
Education and labour economics 

Dr Emanuele Lobina - Principal Lecturer
Water service reform; governance and sustainable water development.

Associate Professor Nicola Perra - Associate Professor in Network Science
Human dynamics, big-data analytics, network science and mathematical/digital epidemiology: the characterization and modelling of dynamical processes unfolding on time-varying and multiplex networks, human adaptive behaviours, data-driven modelling of infectious diseases, the study of online/offline social networks, and centrality measures in complex networks..

Dr Athina Piterou - Lecturer in Sustainability
Relationship between innovation and environmental sustainability; socio-technical transitions area using insights from science and technology studies; application of social network methodology.

Mr Mark Phillimore - Senior Lecturer in Public Relations
Social media; social capital and financial public relations.

Dr Vladimir Popov - Research Fellow
Social network analysis; Russian multinationals and privatisation; corruption and organised crime.

Dr Franziska Sohns - Lecturer in International Business
Economic geography; retail networks; fintech networks 

Dr Antoinette St Hilaire - Lecturer in Management
Ethnicity; interethnic social exchanges; relationship dissolution; cultural minorities social networks in the UK.

Dr Jie Zhang  - Research Fellow
Complex networks; transport modelling 

Dr Zhen Zhu - Lecturer in Network Science
International trade and production networks; social media marketing 

Visiting Faculty

Professor Rob Cross -Visiting Professor in Organisational Network Analysis
Leads a consortium of 200 Blue-Chip Global Companies applying network analysis to business problems at the University of Virginia.

Professor Alessandro Lomi  - Visiting Professor in Network Science
Director of the Centre of Organisational Research, University of Lugano

Dr Paola Tubaro - Visiting Fellow in Social Network Analysis
Senior Research Scientist, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 

Dr Riccardo De Vita - Visiting Scholar
Industrial clusters, proximity, innovation. 

Dr David Dekker Visiting Scholar
Multivariate statistical models using network data.

Dr Cornell Jackson - Visiting Lecturer
Ethnographic and archival data in network studies.

Dr Sergey Sosnovskikh - Visiting Lecturer
Industrial clusters, Russia. 

Dr Srinidhi Vasudevan - Visiting Lecturer
Financial effects of interlocking directorships.

Research students

Aya Awad - Sustainable Development Strategy for Informal Settlement in Egypt, Cairo.

Terry Brett - Understanding Contagion Spreading Processes of Cyber-Security Threats Through Social Networks.

Ali Al Busaidi - Socialisation During Organisational Onboarding.

Silvana Croft - Heterogeneity in the Transition from Analog to Digital within the British Film Industry.

Yehui Hu - Evolution of Guanxi within Chinese Large-scale Exhibition Service Market.

Anna Piazza - Inter-Organisational Relationships and Organisational Performance: Network Analysis Applications to a Health Care System.

Mohammed Sadek - Toward Sustainable Desert Settlements in Egypt, in light of past experiences and future prospects.

Mohamed Shedid - The Interplay of Online and Offline Networks in the Development of High-tech Clusters and Technology Incubators.

Timo Van Der Linden - Traders' Behaviour and Social Networks.

- Financial Effects of Interlocking Directorships.

Feng Zhang - Chinese Corporate Overseas Direct Investment in London.


Dr Christos Bassayannis - SAP, Shanghai

Ann Braithwaite - Managing Director, TurquoiseNZ

Dr Emmanuel Igwe

Dr Dawn Foster - Pivotal

Dr Cornell Jackson - University of Leeds 

Dr Hoang Luong - Goldsmiths University

Dr Stefanos Michiotis - Tetras Consulting

Bankole Olagibaye - London Probation Trust

Dr Yasaman Sarabi - Herriot Watt University

Dr Julia Schoenbrunn - Koester & Partner

Dr Matthew Smith - University of Greenwich

Dr Sergey Sosnovskikh - University of Greenwich

Dr Srinidhi Vasudevan - University of Greenwich

Centre for Business Network Analysis is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.