Professor Bruce Cronin - Director of the Centre for Business Network Analysis
International production networks, business-governmental relationships; managerial career networks; epistemic communities.

Dr Guido Conaldi - Deputy Director, CBNA. Senior Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Interpersonal and organisational social networks.

Associate Professor Francesca Pallotti - Deputy Director, CBNA. Associate Professor in Economic Sociology
Organizational change, routines and inter- and intra-organizational networks.

Dr Sprios Batas - MBA International Business Programme Director
Networks and social capital in firm internationalisation.

Dr Kim Bui - Lecturer in International Business
Cross-border mergers & acquisitions by Chinese State Owned Enterprises.

Dr Pi-Chi Chen - Senior Lecturer in International Business
Parent-subsidiary relationships in multinational enterprises.

Associate Professor Riccardo De Vita - Head of the Department of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour
Industrial clusters, proximity, innovation.

Associate Professor Nicky Garsten - Associate Professor in Public Relations
Public relations; NGO communications.

Dr Stefano Ghinoi - Lecturer in Economic Sociology
Economics of innovation, sustainability and climate change, organizational networks, and policy evaluation.

Dr Zheyuan Hu - Lecturer in International Business
Strategic asset seeking OFDI of emerging market enterprises.

Associate Professor Sara Gorgoni - Associate Professor in Economic Sociology
Foreign direct investments from emerging countries; innovation networks; clusters of SMEs; global value chains.

Dr Lena Langosch - Lecturer in International Business
International business partnerships and culture, cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions.

Associate Professor Emanuele LobinaAssociate Professor in Water Policy
Water service reform; governance and sustainable water development.

Associate Professor Nicola Perra - Associate Professor in Network Science
Human dynamics, big-data analytics, network science and mathematical/digital epidemiology: the characterisation and modelling of dynamical processes unfolding on time-varying and multiplex networks, human adaptive behaviours, data-driven modelling of infectious diseases, the study of online/offline social networks, and centrality measures in complex networks.

Dr Athina Piterou - Lecturer in Sustainability
Relationship between innovation and environmental sustainability; socio-technical transitions area using insights from science and technology studies; application of social network methodology.

Mr Mark Phillimore - Senior Lecturer in Public Relations
Social media; social capital and financial public relations.

Dr Vladimir Popov - Teaching Fellow in International Business
Social network analysis; Russian multinationals and privatisation; corruption and organised crime.

Dr Antoinette Saint Hiliare Senior Lecturer in Management
Ethnicity, inter-ethnic social exchanges, relationship dissolution, cultural minorities social networks in the UK

Dr Franziska Sohns - Senior Lecturer in International Business
Economic geography; retail networks; fintech networks

Dr Ji-Won Song - Lecturer in International Business
International business, comparative capitalism, institutional analysis, and economic sociology, institutional change, embedded agency of multinational corporations.

Dr Srinidhi VasudevanLecturer in Business Management
Financial effects of interlocking directorships.

Dr Navneet Walia - Lecturer in International Business
International business, entry modes.

Visiting Faculty

Professor Rob Cross -Visiting Professor in Organisational Network Analysis
Leads a consortium of 200 Blue-Chip Global Companies applying network analysis to business problems at the University of Virginia.

Professor Alessandro Lomi - Visiting Professor in Network Science
Director of the Centre of Organisational Research, University of Lugano

Dr Paola Tubaro - Visiting Fellow in Social Network Analysis
Senior Research Scientist, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Dr David Dekker Visiting Scholar
Multivariate statistical models using network data.

Dr Anna Piazza - Visiting Scholar
Research Fellow, UCL, Multi-level networks, intra- and inter-organisational networks

Dr Matthew Smith - Visiting Scholar
Lecturer in Strategy, Napier Edinborough University. International trade and production markets. ERGMs

Dr Julia SchoenbrunnVisiting Scholar
Tourism, Regional development policy networks

Dr Zhen Zhu - Visiting Fellow
Senior Lecturer in Big Data Analytics, University of Kent. International trade and production networks; social media marketing

Research students

Aya Awad - Sustainable Development Strategy for Informal Settlement in Egypt, Cairo.

Ali Al Busaidi - Socialisation During Organisational On-boarding.

Silvana Croft - Heterogeneity in the Transition from Analog to Digital within the British Film Industry.

Nicolo Gozzi - Modelling Behavioural Changes Induced by Infectious Disease via Physical Activity Trackers.

Yehui Hu - Evolution of Guanxi within Chinese Large-scale Exhibition Service Market.

Md Naiem Miah - Do public private partnerships (PPPs) models promote enhanced performance for logistics projects? A case study from Bangladesh

Bertha Okpara - The Role of Collaboration and Social Networks In Achievement of Change Management and Project Success in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Eleftheria Panagiotopoulou - Governance of Digital Tokens: How digital tokens policy is developed from a social system perspective

Mohamed Shedid - The Interplay of Online and Offline Networks in the Development of High-tech Clusters and Technology Incubators.

Christy Smith - Networks of Oligopoly: An Exploration of how Social Structure and Individual Perception
Impact Collaboration in the UK Construction Industry

Feng Zhang - Chinese Corporate Overseas Direct Investment in the UK.

Zsofia Zador - The international organisation of production in manufacturing: A multilevel network analysis


Dr Christos Bassayannis - SAP, Shanghai

Ann Braithwaite - Managing Director, TurquoiseNZ

Dr Terry Brett - IBM

Dr Emmanuel Igwe

Dr Dawn Foster - Pivotal

Dr Cornell Jackson - University of Leeds

Dr Hoang Luong - Goldsmiths University

Dr Stefanos Michiotis - Tetras Consulting

Bankole Olagibaye - Centrica

Dr Anna Piazza - University College London

Dr Mohammed Sadek - University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Cairo

Dr Yasaman Sarabi - Herriot Watt University

Dr Julia Schoenbrunn - Koester & Partner

Dr Matthew Smith - Napier Edinborough University

Dr Sergey Sosnovskikh - De Montfort University

Dr Srinidhi Vasudevan - University of Greenwich