The Centre for Business Network Analysis is able to supervise a wide range of PhD topics involving applications of social network analysis. We are particularly interested in supervising PhD projects related to:

  • regional economic clusters (Cronin, Conaldi, De Vita, Gorgoni, Sohns)
  • international trade and investment (Gorgoni, Cronin, Zhu, Sohns)
  • value creation and capture (Gorgoni, Cronin, Zhu)
  • business internationalisation (Cronin, Chen, Batas)
  • social capital and internationalisation (Batas)
  • social capital and international entrepreneurship (Batas)
  • knowledge creation and sharing within multinational enterprise (Cronin, Chen)
  • corporate networks (Cronin, Popov, De Vita)
  • director interlocks (Cronin, Popov, De Vita)
  • business-government relations (Cronin, Popov)
  • leadership and organisational behaviour in networks (Pallotti)
  • virtual production processes (Conaldi, De Vita)
  • multilevel networks (Pallotti)
  • Relational event models from video data  (Palotti)
  • big data networks (Perra)
  • off/online human dynamics (Conaldi, Perra, Sohns)
  • digital epidemiology (Perra)
  • data driven epidemic modelling (Perra, Rocha)
  • dynamics on/of networks (Perra, Conaldi, Cronin)
  • adaptive behaviour (Perra, Cronin)
  • healthcare systems (Pallotti)
  • NGO supporter networks (Garston)
  • social resource management (St Hillaire)
  • social media marketing (Zhu)


We periodically offer PhD scholarships. Each scholarship provides a stipend equivalent to the national minimum doctoral stipend (NMDS) set out by Research Councils UK (RCUK), £15,285 for 2020/21 and a full waiver of tuition fees to home/EU tuition level. Scholarships are available for three years from the date scholars first register as an MPhil/PhD student with the university. Candidates must demonstrate that they have achieved a minimum classification of 2:1 (Upper Second) in their first degree in a relevant discipline (UK or UK equivalent).

Current Scholarships 

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