Welcome Connected Cities Research Group

Cities throughout the world have a different vision as to what will achieve realisation of their goals and at the same time face very diverse problems with different regional, political, legal, technical, and economic contexts.

Interaction and connectivity between cities in designing models and sharing successful practices has so far been driven by individual efforts or interests.

Transition to a circular economy requires changes in many different areas of the current socio-economic system. This is a complex process involving technical, social and economic domains with a focus on enabling factors that guide the transition process.

If one of the most powerful enablers of a circular economy is business model innovation, this needs to be supported by appropriate policy frameworks as well as user acceptance.

Therefore the Connected Cities Research Group engages in relevant academic research and consultancy projects in the UK and internationally. Current specialisations include urban innovation management, ICT for transport, logistics and closed loop supply chains, business eco-systems, tourism management, strategic management for city and regional authorities.

We are constantly looking to expand our collaboration network, so get in touch about research proposals, PhD student queries or consultancy services after browsing the Connected Cities profile and webpages.

Connected Cities Research Group is part of the Business School, University of Greenwich.