The events over the past few years have exposed established modes of organizational governance and control as insufficient. A greater understanding of how structures and formal procedures are used in organizations, and what constitutes good practice is required. The Centre exploits its interdisciplinary strengths by integrating quantitative methods (to explore structures, measurement and modeling) and qualitative methods (to measure the enactment of processes), explored from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The activities of the Centre are clustered around four themes:

Theme 1: Risk management and regulatory practice:

  • The analysis of risk management systems in practice
  • Regulatory compliance
  • The emergence of regulatory regimes
  • Societal and organisational perspectives on risk management

Theme 2: Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance:
This research adopts a critical theoretical perspective with a public interest agenda and focuses on:

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and governance in accounting and finance. Theoretical exploration of relations between governments
  • Understanding privatisation and the changing world economy
  • Capital and accountancy; social accounting
  • Critical perspectives on CSR and Corporate Governance

Theme 3: Financial Risk and Sovereign Debt

  • Sovereign debt and default probabilities in emerging and developed economies
  • Financial Risk measurement, modelling and management
  • Financial services regulatory framework and requirements, incl. Basel I,II, III.

Theme 4: Performance measurement and management control

  • The role of management control in a variety of contexts, including inter-organisational relationships, the not-for-profit sector, utilities
  • The relationship between performance management and other organisational processes and practices, such as CSR, corporate governance, strategy
  • The design and use of performance measures in a variety of contexts, including the not-for-profit sector, executive compensation
  • Management accounting and new business models.

These broad areas of research provide opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in other Centres both within the Business School (PSIRU, WERU, CNBA) and the university more broadly (for example, CMS and NRI).