Academics from across the University of Greenwich contribute to the Centre's work, to bring together our research expertise in finance and accountability, computing and mathematical sciences, psychology and counselling, and law and criminology.

Business School

Department of Accounting & Finance

Dr Nadia Benbouzid

Credit risk in the banking sector

Dr Lesley Catchpowle

Critical accounting, corporate social responsibility

Dr Sallyanne Decker

CSR in banking, banking regulation

Dr Xiaowen Gao

International accounting standards, governance

Dr Agnieszka Herdan

International accounting standards, governance

Dr Julia Mundy

Performance management and control

Dr Patti Ntozi-Obwale

Emerging markets, behavioural finance

Dr Dawn Reilly

Financial accounting and reporting

Dr Antonella Russo

Financial accounting, corporate governance

Dr Sohan Sarwar

Portfolio performance evaluation, asset pricing models

Dr Alex Stojanovic

Risk management, behavioural finance, sovereign debt and risk

Dr Iwona Vellam

Accounting standards, governance, emerging markets

Dr Liz Warren

Electricity supply risks, regulation, governance

Dr Kefei You

Finance, banking, technology and productivity growth


Department of International Business & Economics

Dr Larry Su

Finance, corporate governance

Professor Mehmet Ugur

Banking regulation, economic governance


Research Students

Elmina Homapour
Macroeconomic Conditions and Capital Structure: Evidence from Publically Listed Companies in the UK

Golam Sarwar
Style Investment: Stock Market and Macroeconomic Variables

Irina Bezhentseva-Mateus
Fund Managers FTSE 100 Large Cap Stocks

Belinda Vigors
Exploring the relationship between performance-related pay and risk behaviours

LinYi Yin
Relationship Between Chinese Real Estate Market and Real Estate Company

Lloyd Miller
Private Equity Buyouts and Firm Efficiency: Plant Level Evidence from UK Public to Private Transactions

Michael Greenslade
The Performance of Foreign Direct Investment in the Chinese Construction Industry

Mohammed Saeed Hbubati
Stock Liquidity and Average Stock Returns 1987 - 2012

Nisreen Esmaael
Stock Liquidity and Capital Structure: Evidence from Firms Listed in the UK

Xiaoman Yang
Financial Reporting, Bank Regulation and Financial Stability

School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences

Department of Computer Systems Technology

Professor Chris Bailey

Risk analysis and modelling (Engineering)

Department of Information Systems & Digital Media

Dr Dave Chadwick

Risk management and compliance (IT)

Department of Computer Science Department/Computer Systems Technology

Dr Miltos Petridis

Data mining and fuzzy mathematics, managing risk over time

School for Health & Social Care

Department of Psychology & Counselling

Dr Tony Montgomery

Risk attitudes and investment