Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre (GPERC) brings together researchers that see social, economic, and political outcomes as determined by power relations, institutions, historical context, and social norms. GPERC was set-up in August 2015 with the support and collaboration of the University of Greenwich and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

Our centre is a support hub for disciplines such as economics, employment relations, business and management studies, politics, history, sociology, law, geography and the built environment. In our work we adopt theoretical and methodological pluralism.

Our analysis aims at suggesting solutions to current socially relevant problems such as:

  • Inequalities (class, gender, race, poverty, income and international inequality)
  • Unemployment, labour market institutions, labour rights
  • Governance, regulation, institutions, state and society
  • Innovation, technological change and productivity
  • Internationalization of production, capital and labour mobility and global imbalances
  • Ecological sustainability, climate change, energy crisis, oil and commodity prices
  • Finance, economy and society
  • Development (global, regional and local), sustainability, resilience, participatory governance, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Public goods, marketization, privatization, and neoliberalism
  • Education, philosophy of education, pedagogy, education policy
  • Health and social care in an ageing society

The Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre has a research collaboration with Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS). For joint GPERC-FEPS research projects, see our Research Projects. For joint GPERC-FEPS working papers, see our Publications.

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