Audiovisual material

  • 31 May-1 June 2017: Conference co- organized by GPERC, FEPS and PKSG. Speakers include Daniele Tori (Open University), Robert Jump (Kingston University), Roberto Veneziani (Queen Mary London), Roger Farmer (University of Warwick), Sebastian Dullien (HTW Berlin), Engelbert Stockhammer (Kingston University), Daniela Gabor (UWE), Jan Toporowski (SOAS) and Daniela Prates (UNICAMP, Brazil) among others.
  • Panel discussion: "The economic impact of Brexit",  2 February 2017. Videos of contributions:
  • Ozlem Onaran's speech at the European Parliament: "Saving Europe: Equality and investment led recovery" 6 December 2016.
  • Panel discussion: "Remain for Change: Building European solidarity for a democratic economic alternative",  5 June 2016: with Keir Starmer MP,  Matt Wrack (General Secretary, Fire Brigades Union),  Ann Pettifor (Director, Policy Research in Macroeconomics-Prime), John Weeks (Emeritus Professor, SOAS),  Jeremy Smith (Convenor of EREP & Co-Director of PRIME), Jo Michell (Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England), Ozlem Onaran (Professor, University of Greenwich, GPERC), Engelbert Stockhammer (Professor, Kingston University) and Mehmet Ugur (Professor, University of Greenwich, GPERC). University of Greenwich, Queen Anne Court room QA080. Time: 18:00-20:00. The report of EREP can be downloaded here.
  • Workshop: 26th Post Keynesian Study Group (PKSG) Annual Workshop, University of Greenwich, 10 June 2016. Organised by: Dr Maria Nikolaidi, University of Greenwich, Professor Ozlem Onaran, University of Greenwich, and Professor Engelbert Stockhammer, Kingston University.
    • Podcasts of session 1 (Antoine Godin, Ewa Karwowski, Annina Kaltenbrunner), session 2 (Mark Hayes, Simon Deakin, Alberto Botta), session 3 (Ken Coutts and Graham Gudgin, Giovanni Cozzi, Ann Pettifor).
  • Conference and book launch: Investment Policies for Sustainable Growth, 23 May 2016. Podcast opening speech (Massimo D'Alema, FEPS), podcast panel debate (Richard Burgon MP, Markus Berndt - European Investment Bank, Jan Toporowski - SOAS), photo gallery.
  • Report launch: Decent Jobs and Wage-led Growth in the UK and Europe, co-organised by GPERC, FEPS and TASC (Ireland), with John McDonnell MP; Professor Ozlem Onaran, Professor Engelbert Stockhammer, Professor James Wickham, Dr Alicja Bobek, Professor Francis Green, Dr Geoff Tily, Dr Ernst Stetter, Dr David Begg. 28 April 2016. 
  • Radio Programme: The Weeks Update, Share Radio, with Prof. Ozlem Onaran and Dr Giovanni Cozzi, talking on investment, wage-led growth, sustainable economic growth and the UK referendum, 26 April 2016.
  • Launch Conference: Building an equitable and sustainable society, with Prof. Ozlem Onaran (GPERC), Prof. Mehmet Ugur (GPERC), Prof. Philip Arestis (University of Cambridge), Ann Pettifor (Policy Research in Macroeconomics), Dr Ernst Stetter (Foundation for European Progressive Studies), 19 January 2016.
  • Ozlem Onaran with John Weeks and Jeremy Smith on the report of Economists for Rational Economic Policies  "The Cracks Begin to Show: A Review of the UK Economy in 2015" at Real News Network, 4 January 2016.
  • Ozlem Onaran on wage-led growth in South Korea on the Korean radio programme This morning, 30 March 2016.
  • Özlem Onaran's Keynote at the FMM Conference on The Spectre of Stagnation? Europe in the World Economy in Berlin, 24 October 2015.
  • Ozlem's interview at BBC4 and BBC World news on 17 July 2015 at 7pm on the German parliament's decision on the Greek bailout negotiations.
  • Ozlem Onaran's media interviews on the Greek debt crisis:
  • ·  Real News Network 16 July 2015

    ·  Shareradio 8 July 2015

    ·  Telesur 29 June 2015

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    ·  Radio Popolare (in Italian) 2 July 2015

    ·  Lettera 43 (in Italian), 29 June 2015

    ·  BBC World 28 June 2015 1pm News