Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre (GPERC) offers Phd supervision on the following topics:

Professor Ozlem Onaran, Director of GPERC: income distribution, growth, and investment, causes of inequality, the effects of financialisation, gender equality and growth, ecological macroeconomics, the impact of public spending on investment, employment and distribution, globalisation and employment, development, post-Keynesian economics.

Professor Mehmet Ugur, GPERC member: Governance quality and economic growth; Governance quality and innovation; Corporate governance and firm performance; Innovation and productivity; Innovation and employment; Subsidies, tax credits and firm R&D investment; meta-analysis; survival analysis; impact evaluation; microeconometrics

ProfessorAna Marr: Financial inclusion, microfinance, poverty reduction, enterprise development, finance for agriculture, risk management, credit for business growth, development economics, impact studies, financial sustainability, gender empowerment, economic growth, international development.

Dr Anne-Marie Coles: Innovation, including innovation networks, technological entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, adoption and diffusion of new technologies; Social study of science and technology, including sociology of knowledge, large socio-technical systems, technology and innovation policy, technology ethics

Dr Maria Nikolaidi: ecological macroeconomics, financial fragility, stock-flow consistent modelling

Dr Alberto Botta: heterodox macroeconomics, structuralist macroeconomics, development economics, Balance-of-Payments constrained growth models, structural change and growth, Dutch disease models, financialisation, financial flows to developing countries and financial instability, exchange rate and financial crises in developing countries.

Dr Tom├ís Rotta: Political Economy, heterodox Economics, value theory, secular stagnation, unproductive forms of accumulation, inequality, nonlinear systems.