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What the Enterprise Challenge is, when it takes place, and who can enter?

What is the Enterprise Challenge?

The Enterprise Challenge is an annual competition that provides mentoring, training and funding for entrepreneurial students who want to pursue an idea.  All students and recent graduates of up to one year out are eligible to apply; and you don't need any prior business experience to take part.

There are two streams that you can apply for – a Social Stream, if your business will have a positive environmental or social impact (NB you can still generate a profit through this stream), and a Commercial Stream, for any general business idea.

Why should I get involved?

Applicants will receive free 1-1 advice, training activities, mentoring, and the chance to win generous cash prizes to help you to build your enterprise.   

Take a look at our previous business winners from the year 2017/2018 here. This could be you next year!

(left to right)

  • Sagar Patel with his idea Abodle – Enterprise Challenge 3rd place Winner
  • Jeanyne Stephen with her idea Eventful Box – Enterprise Challenge Winner
  • Mante Grikienyte with her idea UnixWear – Enterprise Challenge 2nd place Winner 

Read Jeanyne's story here and watch her video here.

Here are our social enterprise winners from the year 2017/2018.

(left to right)

  • Rana Baddah with her idea Green H nursery – Social Enterprise 3rd place Winner
  • Dawn Marples with her idea Hope Centre – Social Enterprise Winner
  • Irene Marquez with her idea 22D Support – Social Enterprise 2nd place Winner 

Read Dawn's story here and watch her video here.

How to Apply - Stage 1

How to Apply - Stage 2


Find out how a mentor and mentee relationship can be like here. Can you help as a Mentor? – see here.

What students say:

'The enterprise challenge workshops have been enormously helpful for those of us who have big ideas but not much business experience'- Lauren Sternberg

'Valuable insights highly important' – Ahammed Saheen

'One of the best experiences in University, I have just returned from a placement where I realised that I can work on my own, but this challenge is helping me to make my idea a reality' –  Silviu Cogoncaru

'I have really enjoyed the workshop sessions and I have learnt in depth key elements of business' – Jason Dennis

If you would like any more information, please email us.